[SUZUVERSE/SUZUWALK] Notice of launching new version 1.1.6

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SUZUVERSE is thrilled to announce the release of SUZUWALK version 1.1.6, along with new features in SUZUVERSE which will be available from April 18, 2023.

As previously announced, the launch of version 1.1.6 was briefly delayed due to disapproval from the Apple store. We have worked hard to address the issues and are pleased to now offer this updated version to our users.

The key improvements in version 1.1.6 include: 

  • Phone verification: We have added phone number verification to enhance the security of our platform and protect our users from unauthorized access. 
  • Marketplace Enhancement

              + Upload Avatar: Users can now sell their 3D avatars in the marketplace, and earn royalties on subsequent sales. 

              + Create Avatar: Users can create 3D avatars from free templates, but these cannot be sold in the marketplace. We have also added additional development to the avatars, allowing for a variety of animations to be displayed simultaneously. 

              + Allow using avatar 3D for person and pet in-app: Users can sync their avatar from Marketplace to Suzuwalk to use for walking.

For more details on this feature, please check our FAQ here: Avatar

  • Payment Method: Google Pay has been added as a new payment option, alongside existing options of crypto currency and credit cards. We have also fixed some bugs related to payment issues. 
  • GPS Function Improvement: We have optimized the GPS stability and distance calculation to ensure a smoother user experience, free from the interruptions experienced in the previous version. 
  • Instagram and Google login: Users can now log into SUZUWALK using their Instagram and Google accounts. For instructions, please check our FAQ here: Login
  • In addition, we have fixed various other bugs and implemented additional improvements to enhance the user experience.

Furthermore, our promotion of "Buy 1 dog and get 1 free gift" will be available in this new version. Information can be found on our website: PROMOTION FOR NEW FEATURE RELEASED

Please note that the server will be temporarily down from 12:00 - 17:00 JST on April 18, 2023, due to the release of version 1.1.6. During this time, SUZUWALK app, SUZUVERSE Marketplace, and SUZUVERSE Wallet will not function properly.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience. We hope you enjoy the latest version of SUZUWALK and the new features in SUZUVERSE.

For inquiries, please contact
SUZUVERSE Customer Support Department